The repertoire that Taberna Mylaensis actually proposes, is a journey along the feelings and passions present in Sicilian popular culture, influenced by all kinds of Mediterranean cultures such as the Greek, Spanish an Arab culture.

Sicilian Music Teatre, folksongs, folklore dance, ballade, poetry and instrumental songs on traditional instruments.

Taberna Mylaensis' repertoire features Mediterranean music with dialectical lyrics, that expresses both scientific and popular philosophies, the relationship between the southern man with his ancient culture and modern transformation and his confrontation with the elements of nature and his mystic conception of the universe surrounding him: sea, moon, land, sun, sirocco…Oriental and Occidental cultures which collide.

The Sicilian Poetry School in the Norman period brings us to Frederick II of Swabia, the historical figure that remains in the collective memory as the Norman Emperor who surprised the world as the miracle transformer, the so called 'Stupor Mundi' who generated confusion and fear because he tried to change the establishment. Frederick was a Sicilian and a world citizen. Under his guidance the Sicilian people, a mix of various races, began to feel as one and gain awareness of their own history and heritage. The recent CD "And they came from the sea……Federico" is a metaphor, because we Sicilians sense an alarming but an ever more diffused, instinctive and unstoppable urge to look back. This new musical production is an invitation to all of us to rediscover our roots, our most authentic spirit and a more human dimension for a regeneration founded on the surest values of tradition.